Thursday, April 23, 2015

Remembering the gifted Ellen Schwartz: links to a site put up by her family

Remembering the brilliant, gifted writer Ellen Schwartz with a link to the site her family put up

Linking to a site celebrating the lyrics of our dear late friend Ellen Schwartz:

Direct link to several of her shows:  A Cast Of Thousands, Come Up 'N See Me!, A Letter To Harvey Milk, Tangled Webs, The Trapped Family Singers

and some demo highlights from "TANGLED WEBS" which Ellen Schwartz co-wrote with Skip Kennon and Bill Connington, based on a story by Fred Landau called WEBCAST:

CAST for "TANGLED WEBS" demo recording: Rebecca Luker (singing the leading role of hopeful producer Jeanine Morgan), Ric Ryder (as her discovery and love interest Aaron Stephenson), William Parry (as devious above-the-title producer Jerry Bruckner) and Andrew Kober (as jealous right-hand man Charles), along with Jan Horvath (the diva Miranda Grey), Neal Mayer (critic Harrison Stone), Georga Osborne and Leenya Rideout (as best friends and show backers Cissie and Claudine, as well as ensemble).